firewood byram township nj

Get Local Seasoned Firewood

We provide mixed hardwoods only. Absolutely NO PINE!

If you are in need of firewood, we've got it by the cord! A cord is a stack of firewood that equals 128 cubic feet. Typically the stack measures 4' tall, 4' wide, and 8' long, equaling 128 cubic feet of wood, but it can be any combination of length, width, and depth as long as it comes out to 128 cubic feet. This is typically represented by 3 rows of firewood if they are cut to the typical length of 16-18". If you load a stacked cord of wood into a dump truck and then dumped it out again, the cord of wood is approximately 6 cubic yards loose like this.

How our firewood delivery works

We deliver directly to your home. The delivery charge varies depending on your location and how much you order. When you contact our office, we will ask for your address and the exact location for where the wood will be dumped on your property. Please be specific and let us know if there are any space restrictions or fence openings.

Call 973-500-6005 to order seasoned firewood in Byram Township, Sparta Township, Andover & Newton, NJ from Cypress Tree Service. We'll gladly give you a free estimate.